Elijah Cordova - an artist of many mediums who lives for sharing his creations with you.

In my humble opinion, feeling is at the root of artistry and science is what makes it possible. My truest passion lies in creating individualized experiences and cultivating emotion with the hair and makeup that I do, all based in tangible knowledge. I strive to break societal boxes we put ourselves into by focusing on one's self expression, individuality, and personal goals at the forefront of each service I provide. I pair a client's desires and ideas with my knowledge of cosmetic products and processes to create a result that is beyond any salon experience, because the result is you feeling like your truest self. The beauty journey with me will be far more than surface level, it will be educational, enlightening, and immersive. If an individual can step away from a session feeling incredible from the inside-out, armed with insider knowledge of the process involved, and hopefully having discovered something new about themselves, then I truly feel successful. I would love to take you with me on this journey, book me for your next hair and makeup appointment to come along. 

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